Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 1

We all boarded the big, chunky seaplane. Sitting next to me was Jordan and Marek. Our class was on a mission to return to the Matainui island. I looked around the plane everyone was buzzing with excitement, until a very familiar voice rang out of the speaker. "Make sure all your baggage is safe with you and get ready for take off". It was Sam one of our fellow classmates. An 11 year old flying a sea plane filled with 31 children and a teacher I thought in horror. Everyone was in shock but then Mr.Woody calmly ensured us safety as Sam was a licenced pilot. We slowly turned around, gained some speed and we were off. I looked around the plane once again,but this time it was silent. Why wouldn't it be we were going to an island that has never been touched by man and to top it all off an 11 year old was flying the plane. After a while it started getting noisy again as people were trying to make the situation better. "So what did you do in the holiday Marek asked Jordan. He didn't answer back as he was staring out the window in shock. I heard people screaming, I looked outside the window to see what all the commission was about but I couldn't it was all black. All of a sudden the lights went off it was pitch black.I couldn't see anything, then everyone was floating as if there was no gravity. After a moment the lights came back on then BANG!!. A lightning bolt hit the wing of the plane. Everyone was screaming and crying. We were spinning out of control. "Do something I yelled at Sam". "I CANT I'M NOT A REAL PILOT Sam screamed. Now I was really panicking. I couldn't help but scream as we were plummeting at a high speed to our deaths. We did not know what to do, All we could do was cry, scream and see what happens. I hear Jordan yelling and quickly look next to me. I saw Jordan on the ground sliding towards the open hatch. I quickly grab his foot and try to save him but i slip out of my chair and accidentally let go of his foot. I quickly go to the hatch to try and save him, sadly i was to late. "Jordan" I cried. In an attempt to get back to my seat my foot ran into Marek and we both fall out the plane to what seemed like our death."SPLASH" me and Marek landed in the freezing, cold ocean. The current was taking me and Marek away. After a long period of time. To our shock we saw 3 black, curved dorsal fins. I froze, trying not to draw attention to myself. I whispered to Marek "don't make a move". I slowly turned around and saw a beach and what looked like a dead body. Me and Marek quietly swam towards the beach. As we got closer I could see that the body was not dead and belonged to Jordan. We also saw that he had 3 bags. Me and Marek ran up to Jordan and celebrated our survival. Marek puffed out "were is everyone" Jordan was about to reply but was interrupted by our cheering as we saw Ben's body. We ran to the shoreline to help Ben up to his feet. We checked if he was okay. "what do we do know" Jordan asked gloomly. "I have a tent in my bag I replaied eagerly. OK its settledwell put the tent up, peg it down with heavy objects and well call it a night Ben said confidently.